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Artist Block - What To Do When It Strikes

We all have moments in our artistic journey when we suddenly feel stuck and the passion we usually have for creating things we love, vanishes. There's no knowing when it will strike or how long it will last, however there are some things we can do to try and bring it back.

Create What You Want Not What You Think People Will Want To See


It's easy to fall into a habit of creating things for other people rather than ourselves. People may love what you are producing, but you may not be enjoying creating it. Take a step back from thinking about what you think other people will want, and start creating what you really love again.

There's no point in painting cars when all you really want to do is paint plants ...

Try New Things


Your artist block might be a way of your brain telling you your bored of doing the same thing. Whether it be experimenting with your style, the medium you work with or changing the subjects you paint, a change and having a mess about could bring back your passion.

Who knows, even buying some new paint brushes may work!

Create A List


Sometimes we have so may things whirling about in our brains that we know we want to do, it can be a bit overwhelming and easier not to act on any of them. It may sound stupidly simple but it can be helpful to create a list of things to do in a specific order and stick to the list. That way, all the muddle in your brain gets organised on paper and bit by bit, you create all the things you want to.

Win win!