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Tips On Getting Started

Taking the first steps to starting your own business can be extremely daunting and it can be difficult knowing exactly where to start.

This is why it's handy for those of us who have already started our businesses to give our fellow creatives a helping hand in the right direction.

And so, I've decided to dedicate this post to sharing a few tips I've gained from looking back on when I first started.

Create What You Love

It's easy to listen to friends and family suggestions on what you should paint, and what type of art sells, however, you should just simply create what you want to create, regardless of if it's something you think will sell or not. If you start creating things you aren't passionate about, then you will start to resent working on your business. If you do something you're passionate about, growing your business will be a piece of cake. You may even find it grows quicker as you'll actually look forward to working on it.

In short, don't give into peer pressure and create what you love.