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Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to read the following Terms and Conditions before booking in your commission.

The client, is commissioning the artist, for the production of custom artwork. The artwork will be produced by the artist in Watercolour on Paper, using her best aesthetic skill and judgement. The artwork is to be of the clients pet/ pets (head and shoulders), as represented in the clients chosen photograph and will be produced for the quoted fee.


Client Requirements

Before any artwork is completed by the artist, the client must confirm the following with the artist;

  • Chosen photograph which the artist will work from

  • The chosen size of the portrait

  • Specific requirements e.g removal/ adding of any accessories/ features (collars, harnesses, scars ect) 

  • The date the artwork is required 

Time Frames

If the artwork is required for a specific date this needs to be specified before the artist books you into her diary. If the artwork is not required for a specific date, the artist works on a 'first come, first serve' basis and will provide the client a rough estimate of when work on the commission will begin. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the artists workload, these estimations may not be accurate and timings may need to be pushed back.  Under no circumstances will the artist rush any piece of artwork for clients that will detriment the quality of the art.  


Deposit and Changes

Upon receipt of 20% of the total fee, the artist will add you to her dairy and will organise a sketch of your chosen photo. Upon receipt of this sketch, the client must confirm any changes they wish to make to the image before the painting begins. Any changes requested after the painting has begun may not be possible and may be subject to renegotiation of the time frame and fee.


Work Schedule and Progress

When the sketch has been completed to the satisfaction of the client, the artist will begin on the final artwork. Progress updates will be provided, upon receiving, the client may request small changes (e.g colour or eyes/ fur). However a major change (e.g change of photograph/ pose/ adding of accessories) will require renegotiation of the time frame and fee.


Artwork Completion and Payment

When work on the artwork is complete a photo will be sent to the client for final approval. By giving final approval the client is agreeing that the work is complete and the final payment of the fee is due. 



Once the price is paid in full the artwork will be to be shipped (special delivery before 1pm) to the clients chosen address free of charge. If shipping outside of the UK is required there will be an additional fee to cover the expenses. Please be mindful that, due to no fault of the artist, delivery may be prolonged due to errors or delays on the couriers behalf. 



Upon receipt of the portrait the client is authorized to make use of the artwork for any non-commercial display purposes. Ownership of the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes remains with the artist.



If at any point, after the 40% booking fee is given, the client chooses to cancel the contract and forfeit the time and work done,  any payments already made are non-refundable. If at any point the client has failed to respond to sketches or status updates provided for a period of longer than one month their request will be rendered void. Artwork will be kept, however it will be pushed to the back of the waiting list if the client then wishes to continue with the artwork.

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